Colloquium 2020/21

During the academic year the Center holds a weekly bilingual colloquium. The colloquium gives the fellows and other young scholars the opportunity to present their research, as well as to hear lectures by experts in the field.

Monday 19.10.


Prof. Benjamin Pollock, FRMRC, Hebrew University

Introductions: Language, Translation, and Cultural Transfer in the German-Jewish Experience


Monday 02.11.


Prof. Gideon Freudenthal, Tel Aviv University Moses Mendelssohn’s and Salomon Maimon’s Ways to Enlightenment


Monday 16.11.


Prof. Abigail Gillman, Boston University

Translation Revolution: A History of German Jewish Bible Translation


Monday 30.11.


Anna Kawałko, FRMRC

A German Jew Looks at Postwar Europe: Gershom Scholem in Prague, 1946


Monday 07.12.


1. Rosenzweig-Frankel Workshop

Translation in Exile: Hebrew Scripture in Germanfrom Mendelssohn to Buber-Rosenzweig

Frankel Center for Judaic Studies, University of Michigan


Wednesday 09.12.


Book Launch

The Return to the Archive: Dispersal, Transmission,and Anticipation in Personal Archives between Germany and Israel (Dubnow Jahrbuch Schwerpunkt)

Dr. Lina Barouch and Amit Levy

Traces and Treasures of German-Jewish History in Israel

Dubnow Institute Leipzig


Monday 14.12.


Prof. Stephan Braese, RWTH Aachen-University

Deutsche Sprachkultur von Juden und die Wissenschaftssprache Deutsch


Wednesday 16.12.


Book Discussion

Dr. Jan Kühne, FRMRC: Die zionistische Komödie im Drama Sammy Gronemanns

with responses from Dr. Brigitte Dalinger, Prof.

Sander Gilman, Prof. Jakob Hessing, Prof. Peter W.

Marx, and Prof. Moshe Zimmerman

Leo Baeck Institute Jerusalem


Monday 21.12.


Prof. Amir Eshel, Stanford University

The Art of the “Holy” in Modern German-Jewish Literature


Monday 04.01.21


Prof. Naomi Seidman, University of Toronto

Freud, Anna O., and the Linguistic Archeology of the Modern Jewish Self


Thursday 14.01.21

Naharaim-Symposium: Global Mobility and the German-Jewish Experience: Language, Culture, and History in Transition

Prof. Arie Dubnov, George Washington University

Dr. Rebekka Grossmann, FRMRC

Amit Levy, FRMRC


Monday 18.01.21


Dr. Michal Peles-Almagor, FRMRC

The Wandering Library: S.Y. Agnon between Hebrew and Weltliteratur“


Wednesday 20.01.21


Book Launch

Prof. Sidra DeKoven-Ezrahi (Hebrew University):

Three Poets of the Sacred Quotidian: Paul Celan,Yehuda Amichai, Dan Pagis (Hebrew)

with responses from Prof. Shahar Bram, Prof. Chana

Kronfeld, and Asif Rahamim

Leo Baeck Institute Jerusalem


Begin of 2nd Semester


Monday 15.03.21


Prof. Yehouda Shenhav-Shahrabani (Tel Aviv University), Dr. Yonatan Mendel (Ben Gurion University)

Presentation on the Maktoob Series, Van Leer Jerusalem Institute


Monday 22.03.21


2. Rosenzweig-Frankel Workshop

Literature and Translation between German and Hebrew Frankel Center

for Judaic Studies, University of Michigan


Monday, 05.04.21


Prof. Efrat Gal-Ed, Heinrich Heine Universität

Das utopische Projekt “Jiddischland”


Monday, 19.04.21


Dr. Rebekka Grossmann, FRMRC

Exilic Explorations. Approaching Jewish History through the Global Lens of Photography


Monday, 03.05.21


Ori Werdiger, FRMRC

”An Indirect Way to Proclaim Our Truth”: The Stakes of Jewish Translation in Interwar Germany and

Postwar France


Monday, 24.5.21


Asif Rahamim, FRMRC

”Singbarer Rest, ein Gegenwort”: Paul Celan and the Poetics of What Remains.


Monday, 07.06.21


Dr. Hanan Harif, Ben Zvi Institute

The Orientalist as Advocate: Infanticide and Exoticism in Mandate-Palestine


Monday, 21.06.21


Dr. Orr Scharf, Haifa University

Translation as a Mode of Philosophizing: Franz Rosenzweig's Maimonidean Lesson


Monday, 28.06.21


Final Workshop