The Franz Rosenzweig Minerva Center holds a research library with a focus on German-Jewish history, literature and thought. Situated within the Center, the library contains about 3,500 volumes covering a wide area of topics – from classics to contemporaries, from original literature to state of the art scholarship – in German, English and Hebrew.

The library also contains four special collections: The “Baruch Kurzweil memorial collection”, including around 130 books belonging to the famous historian and critique of Hebrew literature Baruch Kurzweil (1907-1972); The “Jenny Aloni memorial collection”, including around 250 books belonging to the German-Jewish writer Jenny Aloni (1917-1993); the “Yehuda Elkana memorial collection”, including around 100 books belonging to the historian and philosopher of science Prof. Yehuda Elkana (1934-2012); and a historical collection of books published in German-speaking countries from the 19th century through 1939.

Books can be perused at the Center or borrowed by special permission. As a rule, the library is open during the Center's office hours. Please see the library catalogue in the attachment.

We are currently working on updating and reorganizing the library catalogue.