The Papers of Heinz Steinitz

Location: The National Library of Israel
Arranged & Described by: Merav Reuveni, Elena Müller
Further information: Online catalogue of the NLI (forthcoming)

The expansive collection of papers (24 boxes) of pioneer Israeli zoologist and marine biologist Heinz Steinitz (Breslau 1909 – Jerusalem 1971) provides a unique insight into the founding years of marine research in Israel, promoted by researchers such as Heinz Steinitz and colleague Heinrich Mendelssohn. The collection contains both evidence of Steinitz’s student years in Berlin and then in Jerusalem after his emigration in 1933, as well as vast correspondence with institutions and researchers in Israel and worldwide in the fields of zoology and marine biology, documentation of research trips to remote maritime locations, and ecological projects in Israel pertaining to the Gulf of Eilat and the unique Chula Valley in northern Israel.