The Papers of Samuel (Shmuel) Hugo Bergmann

Location: The Historical Archives of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Arranged & described by: Shaul Marmari
Further information: Finding Aid

The personnel files (5 folders) of the philosopher Shmuel Hugo Bergmann (Prague 1883 – Jerusalem 1975) contain letters and documents related to Bergmann’s professorship at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. From 1920-1935, Bergmann served as director of the Jewish National and University Library (now National Library of Israel). He was professor of philosophy at the Hebrew University and its first rector. Bergmann’s research was devoted to Kant, Maimonides, and 20th century philosophy. Furthermore, he was one of the yishuv's leading public intellectuals. The archival materials provide insight into Bergmann’s academic career and his involvement in policy matters of the university.