Now out: New Issue of Naharaim (Volume 15, Issue 1)

23 June, 2021

We are pleased to announce the publication of the latest issue of its journal, Naharaim: Journal of German-Jewish Literature and Cultural History (Zeitschrift für deutsch-jüdische Literatur und Kulturgeschichte) [Volume 15, Issue 1].


The heart of this issue of Naharaim is a special section entitled “Stéphane Mosès and the Invention of German Jewish Modernity,” which presents a collection of reflections, scholarly essays, and creative compositions dedicated to the memory of Stéphane Mosès (1931–2007).



Table of Contents


Benjamin Pollock



Special Section: Stéphane Mosès and the Invention of German Jewish Modernity


Gabriel Motzkin

Stéphane Mosès after the Holocaust


Paul Mendes-Flohr

Stéphane Mosès’ Angels


Vivian Liska 

Stéphane Mosès’ Hope


Michal Govrin

Stéphane Mosès – Le Passeur Among the Ruins


Sharon Livne, Irene Aue-Ben-David

A German-Jewish Existence: Stéphane Mosès and the Establishment of German Literature Studies at the Hebrew University


Eckart Goebel

Widerruf: “Revocation” – On Hans Mayer and Stéphane Mosès


Galili Shahar 

Narrentum and Being-Jewish: Kafka and Benjamin


Bernhard Greiner

“This Nothing of a Voice”: Kafka’s Josefine Narrative as a Modern Reflection on Revelation and Language


Eli Schonfeld 

H’arut: A Jewish Reading of Kafka’s In the Penal Colony


Other Contributions


Heidi Stern

Diskurse protestantischer Hebraisten der Frühen Neuzeit über jüdische Kommunikationsformeln


Ori Werdiger 

Addendum: Scholem on Meeting Gordin in Paris in 1946