Dr. Amalia Kedem

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Amalia Kedem studied Musicology (BA, MA and PhD) at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, specializing in Ethnomusicology and Jewish Music. Her main field of research is the liturgical musical traditions among Ashkenazi Jews in Israel, their sources, and the social context of their development. She has taught Jewish music and world music in various institutions (such as the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance) and since 2008 she has been working in projects at the Sound Archive of the National Library of Israel on the preservation of recorded Jewish and Israeli Music. At the same time, she continues to collect and document musical aspects of the liturgical life in Israel from the Yishuv period to the present day in their historical and social contexts.
Within the Project Traces of German-Jewish History, Dr. Kedem works on the collection of the musician Chemjo (Nehemiya) Vinaver (MUS 0052) in the Music Department of the National Library of Israel in Jerusalem.