Dr. Asif Rahamim

Affiliated Post-Doctoral Fellow 2021-2023
Research Fellow 2020-2021


Asif Rahamim is a PhD-candidate at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He studied Comparative Literature and Philosophy at the Hebrew University, and wrote his MA dissertation on postmodern places and spaces in the work of Franz Kafka.


My research project deals with the poetry of two post-holocaust poets: German writing Paul Celan, and Hebrew writing Avot Yeshurun. The study focuses on both of the poets’ unique approach to poetic language as means for orientation and place-making. Exploring the connection between cartography and politics, power relations, oppression, and exclusion, the study wishes to point out the revolutionary potential embedded in the act of poetic place-making and in poetic cartography in particular as a Genenwort arena, in which ethically oriented attempts to map differently constitute a form of resistance to the dominant social, political, and historical norm.