Jan Kühne

Jan Kuehne


Jan Kühne is a PhD student in the Center for German Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Originally from Dresden, he began his academic studies at the Hochschule für Jüdische Studien and at the Cultural-Anthropology Department of the Ruprecht-Karls-University in Heidelberg. Jan continued his studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and graduated with a M.A. thesis on the Hebrew and Israeli reception of Gotthold Ephraim Lessing’s Nathan der Weise; he analyzed adaptations and reviews of this enlightenment play in order to reveal continuities and disruptions of the German humanist tradition in Israel. Jan’s PhD research is dedicated to the German-Jewish writer, Zionist, lawyer, and judge Sammy Gronemann (1875-1952). Besides documenting Gronemann’s largely unknown Israeli oeuvre (1936-1952), the research project explores the philosophical concepts and poetics of empathetic dialectics, which provide the foundation for Gronemann’s literary work. Besides, Jan enjoys acting at the Jerusalem-based Martef Theater’s for endangered youth. He is a member of the Lyris group and published short stories and poetry in German, English, and Hebrew.

Jan participated in the project Traces of German-Jewish History and took care of the arrangement and description of the Habimah Administrative Archive 1925–1933 at the Israeli Center for the Documentation of the Performing Arts at Tel Aviv University. Among bills and receipts, the archive included “traces” of Sammy Gronemann’s relations with Habimah.  


Selected Publications

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- Suspension of Belief and Dissimulation of Absence – Themes in the Theatrical Reception of Nathan the Wise in Israel, Germany, and Austria after 1945. Working Paper Series #100, European Forum, Hebrew University of Jerusalem 2011.

- „Germany‘s Better Self“ – Nathan the Wise in Israel. All About Jewish Theatre. Online Publication 2010.