Levi Morrow

Levi Morrow

Levi is a PhD candidate at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, writing a dissertation on the political theology of Rabbi Joseph Soloveitchik. His research explores the various relationships between power and theology, human nature and the social order, and visions of the good in Soloveitchik's writings.

Levi has an MA in Jewish Philosophy from Tel Aviv University, where he wrote his thesis on the Post-Kookian Religious Zionist rabbi Shimon Gershon Rosenberg’s appropriation of the theology of Franz Rosenzweig. His thesis, titled "Between Weimar and the West Bank: Franz Rosenzweig's Afterlife in the Writings of Rav Shagar," focused on the way Shagar appropriated Rosenzweig's non-Zionist, fin de siècle thought for his own Israeli Religious Zionist concerns at the turn of the 21st century. Levi teaches both medieval and modern Jewish philosophy in various fora, and lives in Jerusalem with his wife and their children.