Dr. Tal Giladi

Tal Giladi
Post-Doctoral Fellow 2022-2023

I am a scholar of classical German philosophy, especially Hegel and Marx. I work to create a historically trustworthy interpretation of their positions, that is clear and accessible enough to dialogue with contemporary philosophy about the sort of questions that vex philosophers in the 21st century. In my doctoral studies at the Hebrew University, and as a long-term research fellow at the Freie Universität Berlin, my research focused on the philosophy of G.W.F. Hegel. My doctoral dissertation was dedicated to Hegel’s philosophy of finitude. As a post-doctoral fellow at the Rosenzweig Minerva Center, I work on the philosophy and socio-economic theories of Karl Marx.


The question that guides my research at the Rosenzweig Minerva Center is that of the influence exerted by capitalist economic activity on other spheres of life that are not strictly speaking economic: be it politics and law or art and literature. I examine in what sense key economic relations are constitutive of modern subjectivity; how capitalism creates individuals in its own image. For this purpose, I mobilize the conceptual apparatus associated with Marx’s theory of “subsumption under capital” that enables philosophers to grasp how various spheres of modern life undergo an ever-greater adaptation to the logic of profitability, at times with serious consequences on the inner life of those individuals who are subject to it.