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The Franz Rosenzweig Minerva Center promotes the publication of original and groundbreaking works in the field of German-Jewish studies. The two main platforms in which fellows and young scholars can publish the results of their research are the Naharaim journal and Makom book series.

Naharaim is a peer-reviewed journal named after Franz Rosenzweig’s collection of writings Zweistromland (literally ‘The land between two rivers’, in Hebrew ‘Naharaim’). Founded in 2007, the journal covers a broad thematic field within the area of German-Jewish intellectual and cultural history in the modern period. The journal appears twice a year by Walter de Gruyter publishing house and is edited by Prof. Yfaat Weiss (The Hebrew University in Jerusalem), Dr. Daniel Weidner (Zentrum für Literaturforschung, Berlin) and Prof. Christian Wiese (Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main). 

Makom is a book series published by Fink Verlag (Paderborn). The name ‘Makom’ is the Hebrew term for ‘place’ or ‘space’, but it also designates God, whose spatial presence is affirmed yet at the same time questioned. Makom hosts studies by the Center's affiliated researches, concentrating on modern German-Jewish literature and philosophy. 

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Noor A ed. Naharaim Noor A. Journal of German-Jewish Literature and Cultural History [Internet]. 2009;3 (1).



Ashraf Noor

Die Vertreibung der Frankfurter und Wormser Juden im frühen 17. Jahrundert aus der Sicht des Zeitzeugen Nahman Puch. Edition und Kommentar eines jiddischen Liedes
Heidi Stern

Die Adäquatheit des Zeugens. Über Agamben und Lévinas
Dorothee Gelhard

"Ich weiß nicht": Karl Kraus, der Fall Heine und der sogenannte Philosemitismus
Claudia Sonino

Imaginary Citizenships
Claudio Luzzati

Jewish Philosophy or “Philosophy among the Jews”? Salomon Munk (1803–1867) and the Reception of Judeo-Arabic Texts in the 19th Century
Chiara Adorisio

Sprachdenken im Kontext von Moritz Lazarus' "Völkerpsychologie"
Sabine Sander

Immigration, Identity, and Change: Émigré Composers of the Nazi Period and Their Perceptions of Stylistic Transformation in their Creative Work
Irit Youngerman

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