The Papers of Heinrich Loewe

Location: Sha'ar Zion Library, Beit Ariela, Tel Aviv
Arranged & described by: Dr. Lina Barouch and Judith Siepmann
Assistance: Tanya Zhovner, Frank Schloeffel, Maja Krueger
Further information: Finding Aid 

Heinrich Loewe

50 boxes of letters, manuscripts, notes, rare printed matter, and books of Sha’ar Zion Library’s former director and Zionist writer Heinrich Loewe (1869–1951) document his work as a librarian in Berlin and Tel Aviv. They also reflect his role as journalist, newspaper editor as well as early Zionist networker and scholar of Jewish folklore. Many materials shed light on Loewe’s commitment to the development of libraries in Mandate Palestine.
An article by Judith Siepmann on Heinrich Loewe’s archive has been published in Naharaim.