Pollock B, Weidner D, Wiese C ed. Naharaim Pollock B, Weidner D, Wiese C. Journal of German-Jewish Literature and Cultural History [Internet]. 2021;15 (2).


The centerpiece of this issue is a special section devoted to the theme of “Bildung and Therapy: German–Jewish Self-formation.” The papers collected in this special section explore this theme from philosophical, historical, and literary perspectives.


Table of Contents


Special Section: Bildung and Therapy: German-Jewish Self-formation

Yehuda (Yady) Oren
Dogmatism, Criticism, Divine Ideals: Rav A. I. Kook’s Concept of God in Light of H. Cohen

Sabrina Habel
Selbst-Bildungen. The Tradition of Comedy and the Emancipation of German Jews in Carl Sternheim’s The Snob

Yuval Kremnitzer
“To Love the Rest of His Thoughts as Myself” – Translating Mendelssohn’s Singular Bildung

Sara Olga Melinda Yanovsky
Simon Szántó, Nineteenth Century Viennese Writer and Educator: A Study on Integration, Particularism, and the Ideal of Bildung

Inka Sauter
„Ein modernes Verdeutschungs-Unternehmen“. Über die historische Semantik der Buber-Rosenzweig-Bibel

Other Contributions

Eugenio Muinelo Paz
Marx and Rosenzweig on Community and Redemption

Mariusz Kałczewiak
When the “Ostjuden” Returned: Linguistic Continuities in German-Language Writing about Eastern European Jews

Dana Rubinstein & Ynon Wygoda
The Unsung Buber-Leibowitz Coda to the German Jewish Swan Song


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