Pollock B, Weidner D, Wiese C ed. Naharaim Pollock B, Weidner D, Wiese C. Journal of German-Jewish Literature and Cultural History [Internet]. 2022;16 (1).


This issue includes the first scholarly study of the author’s library of German-Hebrew aphoristic poet Elazar Benyoëtz, which the Rosenzweig Minerva Center received as a gift last year.



Table of Contents


Asher D. Biemann
Nationalismus als Umkehr: Etwas zur jüdischen Meta-Politik der Moderne

Joseph (Yossi) Turner and Nadav Shifman Berman
Franz Rosenzweig’s Concept of Redemption as a Vehicle for Confronting the Philosophical Problem of Contemporary Transhumanism

Samuel P. Catlin
“No Sin to Limp”: Critique as Error in Geoffrey Hartman’s Essays on Midrash

Emir Yigit
Dialectical Abnormality? Jewish Alienation and Jewish Emancipation between Hegel and Marx

James Adam Redfield and Tamar Gutfeld
The Anxiety of Tradition: Unrealized Weddings in Berdichevsky’s Yiddish Stories

Stefan Hermes
Ein Stück Heimat? Hans Mayers ambivalente Sicht auf Israel

Jan Kühne and Anna Rosa Schlechter
“A Self-Portrait in Books” — Reflections on the Aphoristic Library of Elazar Benyoëtz


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