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The Franz Rosenzweig Minerva Center promotes the publication of original and groundbreaking works in the field of German-Jewish studies. The two main platforms in which fellows and young scholars can publish the results of their research are the Naharaim journal and Makom book series.

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The journal Naharaim was founded by the Franz Rosenzweig Minerva Research Centre at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 2007 and appears bi-annually. It is a peer-reviewed journal and publishes the latest research on philosophical, literary and historical aspects of German-Jewish culture. The articles appear in both German and English. 

Naharaim (Hebrew for Zweistromland, a land that lies between two rivers) presents biographical portraits and research on the intellectual history of German-speaking Jewry. The journal explores paradigmatic thinkers within German-Jewish modernism since the Emancipation; traces the outlines of the German-Jewish experience both in the context of general Jewish issues and beyond the specific Jewish horizon; discusses the phenomenon of secularisation as a process of transformation of religious content taking place within the framework of a secular worldview; and critically engages with theoretical debates in France, North America and Germany that address topics from past and contemporary Jewish thought.

Managing Editor: Levy, Amit
Ed. by Pollock, Benjamin / Weidner, Daniel / Wiese, Christian

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Makom is a book series published by Fink Verlag (Paderborn). The name ‘Makom’ is the Hebrew term for ‘place’ or ‘space’, but it also designates God, whose spatial presence is affirmed yet at the same time questioned. Makom hosts studies by the Center's affiliated researches, concentrating on modern German-Jewish literature and philosophy. 

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Weidner D, Weiss Y, Wiese C ed. Naharaim Weidner D, Weiss Y, Wiese C. Journal of German-Jewish Literature and Cultural History [Internet]. 2013;7 (1-2).


Yfaat Weiss

Begegnung mit einem Dichter
Lea Goldberg

Hommage mit doppeltem Boden
Anat Weisman

Crossing the Spectrum of Solitudes: Lea Goldberg's Lyrical Conversation with Avraham Sonne
Natasha Gordinsky

A Poetics of Statelessness: Avraham Ben Yitzhak after World War I
Maya Barzilai

"Mir verging die Sprache vor den Dingen, die ich kommen sah" – Hermann Broch und Abraham Sonne in ihren Briefen
Paul Michael Lützeler

Zwischen Verehrung und Entzauberung: Hans Kohns, Robert Weltschs und Hugo Bergmanns Wahrnehmung Martin Bubers im Spiegel ihrer Korrespondenz
Christian Wiese

Der Kanon im Archiv
Caroline Jessen

Ein Mikrokosmos der deutschsprachigen Emigration: Heinrich Loewe und die Sammlung des Beit Ariela
Judith Siepmann

The German Archive of the Hebrew Habima: Bureaucracy and Identity
Shelly Zer-Zion and Jan Kühne

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